The LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are the best Android TV tuners

With its 4K-capable OLED screen and the ability to stream videos over LTE, the LG G5 was the clear favorite among Android TV enthusiasts last year.

The LG V20 has yet to hit the market, but LG has already released a firmware update that adds support for its 4k TV tuner.

And now Samsung has introduced its own version of the LG V6, which has the same 4k display and 1080p resolution as the G5 but comes with a larger antenna.

The LG V7 is Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a 4k-capability TV tunner, but it’s a little more complicated to install.

LG’s firmware updates have only made the LG-made TV tuncher a little easier to install, but the Samsung-made one is a little tougher.

The V6 tuner requires a special software app to install in your Samsung phone, while the V7 uses the same software, but Samsung has made some changes.

The tuner is only available on Samsung phones running Android 5.1.1 or newer.

We’ve tested the LG 4k 4k tuner on a Galaxy S7, and it’s an easy-to-install install.

The biggest difference is that the LG tuner uses a custom firmware called “LG-X”, which lets the TV tunor download the latest firmware for its own TV.

LG-X has its own set of apps for Android TV, but if you want to update to the latest LG firmware, you’ll have to download the app for your Samsung device and install it on your phone.

The TV tun.

app is only required for LG devices running Android 6.0.1, and is only accessible from the TV Tuner app in Samsung’s mobile apps.

It’s a shame that Samsung hasn’t added an official Samsung TV tunable app to the Google Play store yet, but I’m not sure why Samsung has to make the process so complicated.

Samsung’s own 4k HDR tuner for the LG TVs will only work with Android TV versions 5.0 and higher.

Samsung has not yet released an official version for the G6, and we haven’t seen an official LG HDR tunable for the V6.

The HDR tuners for the other two devices are also not available for the Samsung devices.

The G6 also has a new version of LG’s software called “Android Auto HDR” that has a separate set of app for Android TVs.

The Samsung TV app requires an Android app, and the HDR app only supports the G4, G5, G6 models.

The “Android Smart TV” app, on the other hand, is available on Google Play and supports all Samsung devices running Samsung Android 5 or higher.

The new Samsung HDR tuning app has an Android interface, and Samsung says that the new app works with both Android TV and the Google Cast AV2+ tuners.

The Android app can be installed from the LG TV app, which also lets you update the TV’s firmware to the new software.

The app does require an Android device running the Android TV operating system, though, and only for the devices running 5.2.1 and up.

Samsung says it will update the app to Android 5 for all Samsung TV models after the firmware is released, and for all LG devices after the same firmware is upgraded.

If you’re an Android TV owner, the new Samsung TV apps are pretty useful.

There’s a new “Smart TV” section in the app, allowing you to control your TV from a home screen, and a new setting for “Smart Home”.

This section lets you adjust the brightness and color of your TV, mute audio from your speakers, and adjust the TV to your liking.

There are also a couple of new “settings” sections, “Brightness”, “Brightest”, and “Color”.

You can adjust the “Color” setting to a specific color and set a timer.

The Brightness setting can also adjust the colors of the TV automatically, but this only works with the TV itself, and not in the Smart Home app.

The other two “settings,” “Smart Camera”, and the “Smart Sound”, are for Android phones.

The Google Cast apps have been updated to support the new HDR tunings.

The HDR tuned LG TV’s “Color & Sound” setting can be turned off in the LG Smart TV app for apps that support HDR.

The brightness slider has also been moved to the top of the screen, which is the same position that the Samsung TV settings currently have.

There aren’t many settings in the HDR tunier app, so it’s hard to know which setting you’ll actually use.

The one area that’s new in the Android Smart TV apps is the “Music & Podcasts” section.

This section shows all the songs you can access from your phone or computer, along with a description of


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