How to get the best logo for your app

An app’s logo is a critical element of branding.

For a great logo, you’ll need to do a lot of research and choose a font that will stand out.

If you don’t have time to search for the right font, here’s a quick list of fonts we recommend.


Typeface of choice: We’re here to help.

The following fonts are recommended to make your logo stand out and be legible.

Typefaces are often designed to look great when paired with other designs, but the most important factor is the text and color.

If your logo is not legible, the app might not be able to find it. 2.

Size of logo: There are many sizes available for logos, but some are smaller than others.

Size can make or break your chances of finding your logo.

If a logo is too small, it might not have the necessary impact.

For example, if your logo size is just a fraction of an inch or two, you might not get much traction.


Width of logo design: This is a biggie.

If the size of the logo is bigger than the size you want it to be, your app may be hard to find.

In other words, if the logo size isn’t big enough, the apps it links to won’t know it exists.


Color scheme: Most apps use bold colors for their logo.

However, if you use color palettes, it can give your app a more neutral look.

For an example of what this look could look like, see this video of a brand new brand new logo from Woot.

If that’s not enough, if it’s not clear how to choose colors, check out this guide for how to use a logo.


Type of logo, text and background: A logo should have a unique and recognizable font, a distinctive text or background color, and be unique in size.

It should also be legibly legible (meaning it looks great in landscape, tablet, mobile, or desktop).

There are a few factors that make a logo unique, like: the typeface used to design it


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