How to use an Apple TV remote to make your own wireless broadband hotspot

Wireless hotspots aren’t a new phenomenon, but the tech has never quite gotten off the ground.

A few of us were even given wireless access to the networks of our parents, but until now, that has been limited to a handful of US cities.

But thanks to the arrival of Apple’s Apple TV, there’s now a whole new generation of folks who can set up wireless hotspots in the home.

With the Apple TV 2, we’re able to hook up to the home network with a wireless signal, which means we can set the hotspot up and then access the internet at any time.

To do that, we’ll need an Apple wireless adapter and a pair of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

We’ll be using a Bluetooth Smart Smart remote with an adapter and the Wi-Fi-only Apple TV as an example.

The Apple TV has a built-in WiFi hotspot, so we’ll be connecting to the Apple home network through the wireless network of the adapter.

After that, the WiHotspot app will show up on the home screen, and the connected devices can connect to the hotspots.

It’s a neat trick to take advantage of, but we’ll start with a few quick examples.

To set up a wireless hotspot on your Apple TV and the Apple Home app, simply tap the Home button and choose Wi-FI or Bluetooth Smart.

This will bring up a menu with Wi-Fios and Wi-Bands.

On the Home screen, select the WiFios or Bluetooth option and you’ll be taken to the WiHome app.

Tap on it to access the Home Wi-fi menu, which can be a little tricky to navigate.

Click the WiBands button next to the Bluetooth icon and you’re taken to a list of Wi-Hubs.

Tap one of them and you can add a Wi-Bus to the list of hotspots on your network.

If you don’t see a WiBus, tap the WiHub icon to open up the WiBus menu and tap the “Add” button.

This opens up a list with all of the hotspots on your wireless network.


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