What’s next for TV shows and shows on the big screen?

We’re just over two weeks away from the premiere of HBO’s The Newsroom, and as the network gears up for a major announcement, we’re getting a glimpse at the show’s second season.

But how exactly does it compare to the first season?

We asked HBO’s senior vice president of original content and executive producer Michael Lombardo to take us through the show.

We have the first episode of the season out and I can say that the first year was very much about the characters and their relationships.

We were so focused on the characters, and what they are and what their relationship is, and they were really just the glue that held everything together.

That was what we were trying to do with the show, was to take it and take it seriously and to be a serious story, and that’s exactly what the first two episodes of the second season are about.

I think we really nailed that, as far as how serious the show is.

We have to say, the show has had a lot of hits, and it’s a very strong cast, so I think the show will continue to get stronger and stronger.

The second season of The Newsrooms has also been a big deal for HBO.

It’s been on the air for eight years, and in that time, the network has had some big announcements about the way they’re doing things and what’s coming next.

What’s the next big thing HBO is looking to do?

There are many things we want to do, and I think you’ll see a lot more of that in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll have to wait and see.

Is there anything you can tease about the next season?

I can’t say much, but I can tell you that it’s going to be really, really fun to do.

We are in this business of building shows, and we are building them to be as fun as possible for the fans.

We’re going to do things that are fun, because you know, the people who watch TV don’t always have the time to do it.

So the things we do, we’ll do them in a fun way, and you’ll enjoy it.

What are your thoughts on the show?

I am really excited for the first time in my career that HBO is going to have a television show that is really about the people, and the characters.

I really look forward to it.

And I really enjoy the work that the writers are doing, and how they’re working to build the characters to be fun and to have depth and be interesting and to keep the audience engaged.

It is something that is something we really want to build.

What do you think is the most important thing in the newsroom?

One of the things I love is, the first thing they do, is they ask the people in the room.

We don’t want to have to explain what we are going to say to the people we’re interviewing or what we’re going with in the interview, but they do it and they are really good at it.

They are really respectful, and really interested in the stories that are being told.

They will just get it right.

What is the worst that has ever happened to you in the TV newsroom over the years?

The worst was when a reporter who was really good in the business of journalism, or a reporter with a really good story, was accused of sexual harassment.

It happened to a reporter for the Washington Post who was a really smart guy and really good.

And they thought that was the end of it.

But I don’t think that was at all the end.

We just found out that somebody had been talking to that reporter for about two months.

And then the next day, we found out about the other case, which was the story of a guy who was an actor in an episode of Game of Thrones.

So we are all kind of on edge.

That’s what we have to get over in a second.

What would you like to see happen with the newsrooms on the web?

The internet is a big thing for us.

I mean, there’s a lot to do there.

The web is really powerful, and there are all these great news sites.

I know you guys have some great news, but are you guys excited about that?

I think it is really exciting.

We think that there are so many people who want to share their stories, and so many of those stories will be amazing to watch.

I love seeing new stuff coming out.

And we are working on the website.

And there’s some really cool stuff happening, too.

So, I am definitely excited to see what happens on the new website.

Will there be a newsroom where you can talk to people about anything?

There’s a news room, but it’s not for us to say what we would like to do and how it would work.

But we are always looking for new ways to bring people together, and some of those new ways are always exciting


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