How to install the latest Roku 3 and 4 devices on a Mac

Apple is reportedly preparing to roll out a Roku 3 for Mac that includes a built-in antenna that can beam TV signals to your Mac or iOS device, allowing users to watch shows and movies on the go without having to leave the home.

The Roku 3 comes with a built in antenna that works with Apple TV, Mac or PC, according to a report from Macworld.

It’s also the first device to come with the latest version of the company’s Wi-Fi tuner, which lets users stream video over an antenna that runs at the same time as the Roku’s receiver.

A MacRumors post on Thursday claimed that the Roku 3 is slated to launch this week, but Apple’s MacRumor forums weren’t able to verify the information on Thursday night.

A Roku 3 was first introduced in late 2015, and it came with a number of improvements over the Roku 2, including better remote controls and a built, wireless TV tuner.

It was also updated with more apps, including Siri Remote, the Roku streaming video app, and the Roku Channel.

The newest Roku 3 will come with a 10-megapixel front-facing camera and support for up to six antennas, according the MacRumour forum.

The Roku 3 also comes with the same 10-channel tuner as the previous model, but the new one also includes a new antenna, which can also transmit signals from a Wi-fi antenna.

A second version of Roku 3 could also include a built Wi-ampeg adapter that can connect to a Wiampic network.

The new Roku 3 has a built Ethernet port, which could allow users to stream a webcast of live sports, live concerts, and even live sports games from the comfort of their home.

While Roku has been working on a Roku TV, Roku TV owners can expect Roku TV apps to launch with Roku 3 this week.

Roku TV has been available for free for Apple TV users since December, and Roku TV users can access Roku TV with a Mac, iOS, and Android device, according Roku’s support page.

A new Roku TV is expected to launch in the third quarter, according Macworld, with the device likely to include the latest hardware specs.


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