How to Install Google Chromecast and Stream YouTube on your TV

It’s been a year since Google introduced the Chromecast, a smart TV that lets you stream videos, podcasts, music, and more from your computer, tablet, and phone.

Now you can do the same thing from your TV.

And that’s not all.

With a simple app and a little imagination, you can play any video or music file from your phone, tablet or computer on the TV. 

Now, before you jump to the next step, be aware that it requires you to download and install Google Chrome on your device.

If you already have Chrome installed on your computer and you’re curious about how to install it on your smartphone, check out our guide on how to sideload Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

The app itself will ask you a series of questions and then ask you for your credentials.

If your phone is running Android 8.0 Oreo, the first part will ask for your Google account, which is how you set up Google Accounts.

If not, the next part will say, “You must have a Google account to log into the app.

Please contact support to set up a new Google account.” 

Google says that you’ll also need to be a Google Account owner on your phone to be able to stream videos from the Chromecasts.

To sign up for a Google TV account, go to Settings > Account and Sign Up. 

Once you’ve registered with your Google TV, head to Settings on your browser to sign up with your credentials for the app to work.

The next screen asks you to choose whether you want to stream the content or play it on the remote. 

Google TV on the other hand will only show you a list of content from the YouTube app.

The Chromecast will only play the first 10 videos you get from the Google TV app, so you’ll have to choose which ones you want your content to play. 

Then, you’ll get to your Chromecast setup page.

You’ll need to fill in the information that will be displayed. 

The Chromecast should now be in your home, so tap it. 

Tap the little box on the right of the Chromebox to get to the Chromedecasts settings.

 The app should now show up in your Home Screen, and you’ll need a Google Chrome account.

To set up the Chromemos, head over to Settings>Google+ > Account, then tap the green button that says “Sign in.” 

Now you can go to the settings on the Chromes settings page and click on “Add Chromecast.”

You’ll be prompted to create a Google ID and password. 

If you’ve never set up Chrome before, you might be a little confused, but here’s how it works: Once you have your Google ID, you sign in with your account on the Google+ site.

Once your Google credentials are verified, you will need to create an account on Google TV.

This is the same way you would do it with Google Play Movies and TV.

From the Chrometitles settings, click on the “Add” button to add a video to your TV list. 

To start, head on to the Google Home app. 

Scroll down and select the video you want.

If you have a Chromecast already, you should be able start watching it.

If it doesn’t work, make sure you’re signed in with a Google+ account and then create a new one. 

From there, tap on the button that tells you to add the device to the list.

Once you have an account, you’re able to play videos and play audio files from your Chromebot.

You can also browse YouTube content on your Chromecast. 

You’ll also be able stream music from your Google Music account on your Google Home. 

Next, head into the Google Settings app.

From there, head down to “Home,” and tap the “More” button. 

Head to the YouTube tab.

You should see a list that shows you a video player.

Head to your Google Chromecasting.

Tap the big green button to start playing the video.

You will also see a notification on your screen that says, “This content is currently unavailable.

It may be available in a future update.” 

Next up, head back to the home screen.

You’re now able to add an app to your list.

You might see a little icon with a link to download the app on your app store.

Tap the green icon that says your app, and then select “Add to Google Home.” 

The video will then start playing on your remote.

You’ve just got to go through the settings to get it playing on the device. 

I personally haven’t had a chance to try out the Chromefire app yet, but I’m sure it will be fun to try it out.

I also wish the app was more comprehensive and


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