Philips TV Wireless: “We’re in a new era of streaming”

The company’s CEO Philips TV Wireless said that the streaming market is “on the rise” with an expected increase in the number of households subscribing to the company’s streaming service, Philips TV. 

He said that “we’re in the very early stages of an exciting period of growth” and the company plans to release more streaming products to customers in the future. 

“We’re also in the midst of an ambitious new slate of new products coming to market.

We’re looking forward to bringing more content to the market that will continue to evolve the way people consume television,” he said. 

The company will launch the first new streaming service to launch in 2019 with the Philips TV Smart TV, a $100 product that offers a simple way to stream video, including movies and TV shows. 

According to Philips TV, the Philips television smart TV is the first consumer TV with its own built-in cloud storage and a built-ins internet connection. 

It will offer a subscription-based subscription model that will enable consumers to access their Philips TV content from anywhere in the world. 

On top of the new streaming services, Philips is also set to launch a range of new devices that will include a range on TVs and accessories that will allow consumers to add additional features to their TVs. 

This is the third year in a row that the Philips televisions has unveiled a range with more new products to be announced in the coming months. 

Earlier this year, Philips announced the Philips Color TV, which will be priced at $150 and include a 3D projector.

The Philips Color Smart TV also comes with a projector and a 3-D screen that will be available to purchase for a limited time in September. 

In February, Philips introduced the Philips Hue, a lighting system that will cost $30 a month.


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