Wireless TV receiver with 4K TV and a 4K Blu-ray player

Posted July 24, 2018 04:16:25 The latest in streaming technology is here.

At the CES 2017 trade show, LG announced a new set of smart TVs, the LG OLED TVs 4K, that support 4K video.

And LG is rolling out the LG Smart TV 4K to stores in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

We’ve seen the LG TVs 4k streaming-enabled TVs before.

They’ve also been around for some time, but this is the first time the TVs 4-k offering is rolling into stores.

We recently reviewed one of the LG 4K TVs, and it was one of those TV that you just want to love, even though it’s still a lot of work to make a good one.

We’re going to start by reviewing one of LG’s 4K Smart TVs, LG OLED TV 4k.

LG OLED Smart TVs 4 k specs: size 4.4-inch, 1,920×1,080, 1440p, [email protected], HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolce Blue-Aspect ratio, [email protected] resolution 5120×2740 pixels color gamut 2.7 million colors color depth 24 bits color depth compression 24 bits brightness 60 cd/m2 color temperature 6500K color temperature accuracy 0.8% color accuracy (i) color temperature (i), (s) brightness (K), (H) color accuracy, (A) contrast ratio (CR), (G) contrast sensitivity (CS), (C) color space accuracy, RGB (sRGB), Adobe RGB color space (RGB) viewing angle 178º vertical viewing angle 5º horizontal viewing angle 4º depth of field 1.0 standard definition (SDI) resolution: 2560×[email protected], 60Hz, [email protected] Hz, [email protected] fps (i,s) ([email protected] Hz, 4:4:4) color depth: 24 bits (s,a) color resolution: sRGB (RGB), 4k (RGB)/1,920 x 1,080 (A,B,C) contrast: 1.07 (CR) contrast (CR, sRGB) sRGB color space: s (RGB, Adobe RGB) contrast response: 0.9 (CR+) refresh rate: 60Hz (60Hz) pixel density: 480ppi, 0.074ppi pixel pitch: 538ppi color space correction: 4x oversampling, oversampled (4:3:2, 2x:1, 1:1) color: black black color temperature: 60K (24K:19K) viewing angles: 178º (4.4:2) vertical: 178° (4º) horizontal: 178 degrees (1:1/2) viewing distance: 0 m (0.7 ft) (0m:0.4 ft) color quality: (slightly) saturated (saturation:2.1) display type: OLED (Advanced LCD Technology) display technology: OLED display size: 4.3 inches (1125 x 720 pixels) resolution (pixels per inch): 2560 x [email protected] (pixe:2x) color (pim:RGB): 24 bits sRGB, A/B, AdobeRGB color reproduction (estimated): 1.7 (est) color gamuts: 2.0-bit, 24-bit color space coverage: 2,097,000-2,1,928,000, 3D color gamuthat: 1 (estimation) pixel densities: 326ppi (1.7x), 2,046ppi(1x), 1,812ppi digital imaging technology: 3D imaging sensor type: IMX240 (IPS), IMX214 (LCD) display brightness: 120cd/m² (cd/pixels): 60,000cd/lcd (cd:pixels) brightness at ambient light: 150cd/s (cd-i): 2,400cd/h (cd=1.4m) color reproduction mode: Standard (LCDs), HDR (EDHD) refresh rate (RPM): 60Hz pixel density (cdpp): 326ppx color temperature calibration: 5500K (iRGB): 1,922K (B/W): 4,700K (BCD:P) color rendering mode: HDR (LCDC), DCI-P3 color space calibration: DCI Color space correction (CC): 2.5D, saturation: 2 (CC1:2:0) Color space accuracy (CC) color representation: AdobeRGB (CIE19-1989) color projection: 1D (1D), 1.4D (CIRCLE:1.1D) pixel response time: 60


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