Google has ‘very clear’ plans for streaming video services with Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and other devices

Google has been talking up its plans for video streaming apps for a while now.

The search giant has said that it plans to make video streaming available in more than 100 apps, with Google Home coming to the mobile device soon after.

Now, according to an interview with The Globe and Mail, the search giant is “very clear” that the Android streaming services are the way to go.

Google is already the biggest player in the streaming video space, with the Chromecast being a prime example of that.

Google TV has also been a huge success, but it only has a few dozen apps in the Google Play store.

The app store is also getting crowded, as apps are being released every day.

Google has made it clear that it wants to make it easy to create apps that can work across multiple devices.

In an interview earlier this year, Google senior VP of product management Marc Whitten explained that the Google app store would become the platform for “all of our mobile products.”

It’s unclear when that will happen, but Google is already working on apps that will let people control their devices from their phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and more.

Google says that it has been working with other manufacturers on its streaming video apps.

These apps will allow people to control their TVs, televisions, and computers from their mobile devices.

The Android streaming apps are the only ones available for Android phones and tablets.

Google already makes the Android TV app for the Google Cast, Chromecasts, and Chromecast-equipped Android phones, but Whitten did not specify what those apps will look like.

Chromecast is also a big deal for Google.

Google bought the streaming streaming video company, and it’s making its own version of the Chromecast, which is currently available for $59.99.

Chromecasters will be compatible with the Google TV app, but that app is also compatible with Chromecasting devices.

Google also made the Chromcast app available to consumers on its Android TV website.

Google is also looking to release Android TV apps for other platforms.

The Chromecast app is already available on Android TV on the Google store, but a ChromeCast app is in the works for iOS, Windows, and Mac.


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