What is an antenna and how does it work?

Wireless TV is the future, with a new wireless antenna that promises to give you more of the same from your favourite TV channels.It’s a big step forward from the wireless signal that we have today, with the new wireless technology offering greater clarity and reliability than the analog technology that has long been the […]

What’s the difference between wireless TVs and wireless laptops?

The new technology is the result of a $2.2 billion $9.5 billion deal between Intel and wireless device maker MeeGo.In a press release from Intel, MeeGoes chief executive Mark Dolan says that the new device will be the world’s first “smart TV,” a device that will be powered by the latest wireless chips.Intel says the […]

Apple’s iOGears will be on sale starting Friday

Apple’s new wireless TV boxes will be available starting Friday, according to the company’s website.Apple introduced the first wireless TV box in April, with a $249.99 price tag.Its wireless wireless TV glasses will be priced at $69.99 starting at 8:30 a.m.PT on Friday, and its wireless TV streaming set will cost $129.99 at 9 a.s.m […]

How to find out which cable and satellite TV channels are available on your local Rogers wireless tv channel list

The Rogers wireless TV channels list is a handy way to get a feel for what your local wireless TV network has in store for you.The list of Rogers wireless channels is available on Rogers’s website and on their mobile apps.It’s pretty handy when you’re searching for channels in a hurry and want to see […]

How to buy a wireless TV box with Amazon Alexa – and get an Alexa speaker and Alexa speaker speaker hub

New York, NY — November 16, 2016– The Wireless TV company in the US is now announcing a brand new product that will stream 4K video over a wired internet connection to its customers.The Wireless TV line of TVs, speakers, and other accessories is available now for pre-order at Amazon for $499.The Wireless HDTV will […]


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