When does Netflix start streaming TV shows?

Streaming TV is the most important thing to consumers this year, and Netflix’s new $6.99 “wireless TV splitter” makes it the first company to bring it to TV.It’s a new version of the $99 wireless TV spliter that Netflix first released in January, and it includes a pair of small antennas to allow users to […]

When will the Sanyo Wireless TV Walmart go live?

The Sanyos Wireless TV, which is the successor to the SONY TV set, is a wireless TV set that allows customers to stream content from their mobile phones.According to Sanyonews, it will be available in the US and Canada starting August 16.Sanyos announced that it will have a live streaming service for its Smart TV […]

How to make a TV that’s actually wireless capable

As with all smart TVs, a TV can be made wireless with a wireless receiver, and wireless charging is available for those who prefer to charge via the wall.A wireless receiver can be connected to a wall outlet or to the power outlet that you already have, which is usually the easiest and cheapest option.You […]

Which wireless TV can you buy for under $300?

Wireless internet TV (WiFi) is the next frontier in smart TV.It offers a wider range of apps, more features, and a lot more.We tested wireless internet TV in 2018.Here are the top picks.1.Roku, Roku Streaming Stick 2.Apple TV 4.Apple iPad Mini 5.Amazon Fire TV 6.Amazon Echo 7.Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 10.LG Smart TV 9.Google Home […]

How to get rid of the cable box on your phone

Wireless phone owners are becoming increasingly frustrated with the cable boxes on their phones and tablets.More than 90% of respondents to a recent survey said they would switch to a different device if their phone or tablet was connected to a cable modem.The devices have come under fire from wireless industry groups, consumers and other […]

Fox Sports: Free TV streaming for Apple TV & Roku 2 and XBox One

Fox Sports Free TV Streaming for AppleTV & Roku is now available to users of both iOS and Android devices, with Fox Sports 1XP and Fox Sports App being available to iOS users on Android devices starting on June 3.While the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch versions of Fox Sports have not been updated since […]

Microsoft is moving to allow users to stream content from their own PC and iOS devices to the Xbox One in a move that is set to open up the console to other players.

Microsoft has been working with content owners on this, and it seems they’re taking this to the next level, with a Microsoft representative confirming that Xbox Live’s streaming functionality is coming to Windows 10.“You will be able to stream your Xbox Live games, your Xbox LIVE friends, and other online content to your PC and […]


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