How to make a wireless television antenna

With the rise of wireless TV, there’s been an explosion of the antenna designs available.These are not just for cable TV or satellite TV, but also for all other kinds of TV, from high-definition video to high-def digital video.The best antenna design is based on a well-thought-out antenna that can withstand the extreme environment and […]

DIRECTTV to launch ‘FiFiFi’ wireless TV in Canada and U.S.

DIRECTTV has announced a new streaming service in Canada, which will offer TV content from TV One, The Current, CBC, TV Canada, CTV, and other broadcasters in a new package dubbed “FiFi”.The new FiFi service is available now in Canada on all platforms including the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Player, and […]

How to get the best wireless TV coverage

The new wireless TV streaming service from Rogers, which is expected to launch this fall, is a big step up from the streaming services currently on the market, with Netflix and Amazon now offering service, as well as Hulu and Apple TV.Rogers has a $100 monthly subscription for the Rogers TV service, which has been […]

How to Install a Wireless Camera in Your Smartphone

What does it mean to be a wireless TV receiver?If you’ve already seen this article on a new iPhone, Samsung, or LG smartphone, chances are you’ve been following the process.It’s called a receiver.The idea is that you install the receiver on your device and use it to broadcast a program that’s being broadcast.In most cases, […]

How to fix your wireless TV antenna

When you’re looking for a new wireless TV tuner or antenna, you’re likely to come across two options: a wired TV antenna or a wireless TV transmitter.Both of these options will provide your home with wireless access to a set of high-definition TV channels.But what about the antennas?They are a great investment, but they’re expensive.If […]

How to get direct wireless TV input on Google TV

Google is getting into the direct wireless gaming space with a new product called Gefen TV, which promises to “bring direct wireless game-playing to your living room”.Gefens TV, developed by Google’s gaming team, aims to bring a gamepad, a controller and a display that will run direct from your TV via an HDMI cable.GefEN TV […]


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